The power to make better business decisions lies in the ability to understand and effectively use KPIs in your existing SAP ERP system

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Boost business benchmarking process

Transform time-consuming manual process into an automated and user-friendly app that integrates with your SAP system and enable you to monitor performance in real-time from anywhere. Access information about your global operational performance through single benchmarking platform and assess the gaps to full potential for every cost and operations performance element.

Accurately capture data

Data input is completely automated - no manual effort once it's all set. Data integrity through detailed testing during our validation process. Transparent KPI definitions with underlying formulas. KPIs are tied to business processes to drive deeper insight.

Uncover hidden gems

Track and analyze performance for all key metrics across business units and on the map. Performance comparisons based on business function, industry, and geo location. Business processes are aligned to user's role: Market and sell product or service, Supply Chain processes, HR, FI, IT and others. KPIs are associated with process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, cycle time and staff productivity.

Get custom benchmarking

Internal benchmarking – benchmark different entities in the company.

Private benchmarking – set of companies that join to benchmark their business performance on the custom set of KPIs.

External benchmarking – compare with relevant industry and geo peer organizations using APQC data - world’s foremost authority in Open Standards Benchmarking.


Designed and built in SAP cloud-based tools

Powered by SAP HANA

Native SAP HANA application that processes analytics in-memory on a single data copy – to deliver real-time insights from live data, while reducing data redundancy, footprint, hardware, and IT operations. Data securely stored within SAP HANA Cloud infrastructure. Logon possible only with SAP Cloud Identity (SAP ID).

SAP Fiori UX

App is designed with simple and intuitive SAP Fiori user experience. Delivers a role-based, consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business. Translations and functional localizations are available.

SAP Cloud Connector

SAP Cloud connector serves as the link between our app in SAP HANA Cloud and client’s on-premise or cloud SAP system. Integrates with SAP ERP, S/4HANA and SAP Cloud solutions using standard SAP approved interfaces and API(s).

About us

We are a member of the SAP® StartupFocus program and we are an SAP silver partner. We build applications that integrate with the SAP HANA platform. We work with the brightest minds, using industry-leading research, advanced knowledge base, leading practices, and latest technology to solve our clients’ complex business issues. We discovered some of the most innovative and flexible approaches, based on global expertise.

Our flagship product W-Business is a cloud-based benchmarking platform that uses latest SAP technologies such as Fiori UX and predictive services. It automates the process of benchmarking, transforming a valuable but time-consuming, manual process into an automated, user-friendly service that allows stakeholders to monitor performance in real time.


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Phone: +49 621 87949004

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